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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A blog by any other name would be as pungent.


Well, we're still awaiting the move to ScienceBlogs. The team o' bonobos has compiled delightfully wordy bios, and I have put together a little description of the blog. We were asked to assign the Refuge to a couple of categories from the following list;

Physical Sciences (math, physics, chemistry, astronomy)

Biology (micro- and macro-)

Planet Earth (geology, paleontology, climatology, meteorology, etc)


Brain & Behavior (neuroscience, psychology)

Academia (science education, lab life, life on the tenure track)

Philosophy of Science (history of science, scientific ethics, meta-
commentary about science itself)

Policy & Politics (excluding evolution vs creationism)

Culture Wars (evo vs creationism, also more broadly science vs faith/
religion, political rants)

The Chimp Refuge is nothing if not an heady potpourri of floral, astringent and scatological odors so it was hard to decide which category describes us most accurately. "Culture Wars" is the best fit, I suppose. "Biology" fits, too. "Academia?" Huh? Who says that lab life and exciting research are excluded from the Evil Korporate World?

Alas, we will lose the peaceful soft focus tiles of Pan which provide our background. Fortunately, khaulein, who will morph to wild_type with the move, has designed a wonderful banner which captures the essence of the Chimp Refuge.


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

Ah, but we so look forward to joining you at SB, whenever that may occur.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger DocBushwell said...

Thanks, AbPharm, for dropping by and for the compliment. This reminded me that I had not dropped by Terra Sigillata for a while. Nice piece on the Pollan interview!

Likewise, I'm looking forward to the new crop of Science Bloggers. I'm in awe of you guys who can churn out near-daily blog entries. Real life is getting in the way of my minor blatherings. Fortunately, one of Chimp Refuge team, namely kemibe, is a prolific writer and is storing up a treasure trove of pieces for the SB launch. I really should do the same and at least get some of the ideas rattling around in my ol' noggin codified on a Word document or as a draft here.


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